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Fostering Growth and Restoration

Education is empowering, and at Effraim Home Care, one of our top priorities is to assure that families have all of the resources they need at their fingertips to assist them in more effectively supporting their loved ones through the particular challenges they’re facing.

We also know that obtaining support from those who’ve walked a mile in our shoes is invaluable, which is why we’re pleased to provide the compilation below of organizations that specialize in both aging and chronic disease management issues, in addition to our own in-home care support services.

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We invite you to browse through these national and local resources, and contact us if we can be of further assistance.

National Resources

Aging with Dignity
Aging with Dignity provides information, legal tools, and guidance to ensure a senior’s wishes are honored.

American Stroke Association
The American Stroke Association is the department of the American Heart Association that focuses on reducing disability and death from stroke through education, research, advocacy and fundraising.

American Society on Aging
The American Society on Aging offers a vast amount of educational programs, state-of-the-art information and training resources, and excellent publications from the largest network of professionals in the aging care industry.

Family Caregiver Alliance
The Family Caregiver Alliance serves as a public voice for family caregivers – the first community-based nonprofit organization in America to address the needs of those providing aging care for a senior loved one at home.

MedlinePlus offers a library of resources for over 1000 diseases, illnesses, health conditions and wellness issues.

National Autism Association
The National Autism Association helps to promote safety and wellbeing for those on the autism spectrum.

National Council on Aging
The National Council on Aging is a national network of individuals and organizations who are committed to improving the health and independence of seniors, enabling their continued contributions to society and to future generations, and building caring communities.

Additional Resources

A Resource for Determining the Market Value of Your Home

A Resource for Determining If You Have Experienced Asbestos Exposure

Pennsylvania Resources

Alzheimer’s Association – Greater Pennsylvania Chapter
The Alzheimer’s Association provides vital services and support to those challenged by the disease, as well as their loved ones and caregivers.

Autism Connection of PA
The Autism Connection of PA serves as a lifeline and hub for those seeking help with autism concerns, offering support, information, and advocacy.

PA Department of Human Services
The PA Department of Human Services offers assistance with understanding and determining eligibility for the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver program, as well as the Autism Waiver program.

PA Department of Aging
A full range of aging care resources are provided to assist older Pennsylvanians and their families.

Pennsylvania Home Care Association
Effraim Home Care is a proud member of the PA Home Care Association, which champions efforts such as advocacy, regulatory and legislation issues, and exploring needs and business strategies to improve life for older adults in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging
The Philadelphia Corporation for Aging coordinates a wide range of services to assist older adults in the Philadelphia area to live as independently as possible.

Find help with emergency preparedness from ReadyPA.

Educational resources for patients and family members on a wide range of health topics are provided by UPMC.