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At Effraim Home Care, we are here to provide a sense of relief and restoration to families seeking the best in-home care solution for a loved one. Our goal is to help each person we serve live the most fruitful, abundant life possible, through exceptional, individualized services. We offer an all-encompassing continuum of care including non-medical personal care, home health care and therapy services, specialized programs for those with Alzheimer’s disease, autism and intellectual disabilities, and more.

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Founded, owned and operated by a registered nurse, we offer a wide range of nursing care services, such as wound care, IV therapy, vital signs monitoring, medication management, and many others.
Physical therapist assisting client with exercises

Therapy Services

Whether the need is for physical, occupational, or speech therapy, our professional therapists will develop and implement a plan of care, provided right in the comfort of home.
Caregiver with client reading a book

Social Work

Our medical social workers are available to provide in-home assessments, and to facilitate whatever may be needed to improve quality of life, such as medical equipment, counseling, patient education and resources, and more.
Caregiver smiling and posting with senior client

Home Health Aides

From non-medical needs (such as help with housework, meals, and personal care) to skilled health care needs (such as assisting with medication reminders, range of motion exercises, catheter care, ostomy care, and inspection of wound dressings), our expertly trained and experienced home health aides can help.

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Understanding Caregiver Duties and Responsibilities

As our population ages, the number of individuals needing caregiving and home care services rises. Being a caregiver can be a challenging and rewarding experience, and it requires an individual to possess various skills, such as compassion, patience, and excellent organizational skills. Caregiving can be a full-time or part-time job and can occur in various settings, such as in the home, a care facility, or a hospital. The caregiver must be able to provide essential physical, emotional, and social support to the individual in their care. Understanding a caregiver’s various duties and responsibilities is essential to providing high-quality care and meeting individual needs. This article will provide an overview of the key caregiver duties and responsibilities and provide insights into how individuals can better prepare themselves for the role. Personal Care Personal care is a fundamental responsibility of the caregiver. This includes assisting the individual with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. Caregivers must also monitor their physical condition, including their weight, skin, and mobility. Medication Management Caregivers are also responsible for managing the individual’s medications, including administering them on time and in the correct dose. The caregiver must also keep track of the individual’s

Engaging Recreational Therapy Activities for Seniors

Recreational therapy is a form of therapy that uses leisure and play activities to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is a great way for seniors to stay active and engaged, especially when it’s difficult to get out of the house. These activities are designed to be fun and engaging while providing various physical and mental benefits. They can help to improve balance and coordination, increase strength and flexibility, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost overall mood and well-being. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to stay active or improve your quality of life, these 7 recreational therapy activities are a great place to start. They are easy to do, require no special equipment, and can be done in the comfort of your home.  Crafts Arts and crafts projects are a great way for older adults to keep their hands busy and improve their creativity. From knitting and crocheting to painting and drawing, plenty of craft activities can be done at home. Gardening Gardening is a great way for older adults to enjoy the outdoors, even when they can’t leave the house. It can help improve mobility, reduce stress, and boost mood. Exercise Exercise is essential to a

Award-Winning Care

We’re delighted to announce our receipt of four highly coveted awards: 2023 Best of Home Care® – Top 100 in Experience, Leader in Experience, Provider of Choice, and Employer of Choice. Read the press release to learn more!